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ChangeMan ZMF Xnode members + jobflow

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To perform an install/backout or a promote/demote, ChangeMan ZMF uses a set of data sets for executing all required jobs. Understanding the members (JCL decks) involved in those data sets, and the flow between these members/jobs is crucial (a prereq) for being able to perform activities such as:

  • restarting failed install jobs, for which you should definitely consider to Add restart instructions in Xnode jobs also.
  • investigating why something that ChangeMan ZMF is assumed to be doing (like installing a change package in production ...) is actually NOT happening (and it doesn't appear to be obvious to find out what's wrong or missing).
  • applying special customizations to these jobs.
  • The member names of these PDS members, which follow a certain naming convention.
  • The jobs contained in such PDS members (to actually promote, install, demote, backout, etc), and how they get triggered (jobflow).
  • Jobs that run locally (on the DP site) and jobs that run remotely (on the target site, if using remote sites).
  • Jobs that are always executed, and jobs that are only executed based on some conditions.
  • How to tune (customize) ChangeMan ZMF to create and submit your own additional PDS members in such data sets.
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