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Membership benefits

Membership of includes a lot of benefits, to just mention a few:


Ways to contribute to

The investment done already in developing the current content within the Z-Factory (i.e. the Z-issues, Z-Clues and Z-Files software) and the Z-Wiki documentation is huge. Many ChangeMan ZMF customers are really excited about the existing content of these sections, but lots of these customers also have MORE (and not just Abit …) requests for either additional solutions or enhancements to existing solutions.


Subscriber level access

Member level access to Dr.Chgman.comMembership of is free and here to stay. But some people want (need) AbitMORE (oeps!). That's why as a registered member of (a member) you may consider upgrading from member level access to subscriber level access, which will allow access to the subscriber area also.


Member level access

Member level access to Dr.Chgman.comWithin you will find 3 flavors of content:

  1. Public content for any kind of users (anonymous or authenticated), free of charge.
  2. Member content for authenticated users (registered users who logged in), free of charge.
  3. Subscribed (premium) content for authenticated users who accepted to pay (or exchange Z-Rewards) for such subscription.



This section explains various topics related to membership of, such as:

  • why you should consider registering.
  • the steps to participate in (register, subscribe, etc.).
  • what you will get in return from (get free tips, downloads, etc.).
  • how you can help (contribute) to further expand the content of

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