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[Operations control]

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Limbo packages with install date passed

Anybody knows this issue, which is about all non-BAS packages that have a planned installed date that's somewhere in the past. It's entered on the last panel to create a package, or updated via the U7 panel.


Issues in nearly any ChangeMan ZMF environment

Dr Chgman's - Issues in nearly any ChangeMan ZMF environmentWe've been providing consulting services about ChangeMan ZMF (CMN/ZMF) for over 2 decades now. It keeps being fun to see how each CMN/ZMF customer always has some type of unique requirements, special customizations, etc. Not to speak about all the challenges that come with each release upgrade of CMN/ZMF (I started on release 3.2.1b in 1990, recently I was involved in an upgrade to the latest and greatest 7.1.x release).


Only show promotion candidates in selective promote

For at least a decade or so, there is a feature available in ChangeMan ZMF (probably from around version 5.3 or so) which is more or less "hidden" in CMNEX027, with a very misleading comment in it. It appears that hardly anybody knows about that hidden feature. By turning it on, during selective promote ChangeMan ZMF will only show a subset of components that can be promoted. I.e. it will only show components that fit any of these criteria:


Short selection list for selective promote in pre-ZMF 7.1

Dr Chgman's Z-Redbook documentation for ChangeMan ZMFThe ChangeMan ZMF 7.1 release notes contain a short note with a title like "Short selection list for selective promote", related to an option added to the promotion panel. However, for about a decade or so, a variation of that feature is already available in ZMF (probably from around 5.3 or so).


Z-Wiki Categories

Dr. Chgman's Z-Wiki categoriesAll items (topics) available within the Z-Wiki area, are classified by category, i.e.:


Operations control

Operations control people are those who are responsible for keeping the operational systems running. Quite often they are also the final approvers of (unplanned) change packages. They typically don't have a lot of experience as a ChangeMan ZMF user (also because they are rather occasional users).


Add restart instructions in Xnode jobs

Browse a component in any CMN/ZMF library

ChangeMan ZMF manages various types of datasets, likes staging libraries, promotion-, production- and baseline liraries, etc. Wouldn't it be great to have some type of browser to just browse (or view) any of these datasets from within a single ISPF panel? Maybe also some related datasets like Xnode DSNs, CMN100 reports, etc.?



Z-Rewards is a way to reward users for performing certain actions within Creating content for is it’s own reward, your selfless distribution of your knowledge can save someone else the pain and suffering of figuring out challenges on their own. But, we think your participation and/or contribution is worth a little something more.


How to earn Z-Rewards

There are a number of ways to earn and accumulate Z-Rewards (and we change it periodically). You have to be a registered user and logged in to get Z-Rewards.

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