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ChangeMan ZMF Administration Training

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Dr Chgman's Training about ChangeMan ZMF administrationThe ChangeMan ZMF Administration Training is targeted towards anybody interested in learning about ChangeMan ZMF administration functions, i.e.:

  • ChangeMan ZMF Administrators involved in the customization, installation, configuration or optimization of ChangeMan ZMF.
  • ChangeMan ZMF Helpdesk operators assuming they are authorized / responsible also for performing application administration also.
  • Release managers who want to learn about how ChangeMan ZMF can help them implementing (and enforcing) their release management procedures.
  • IT Auditors who want to increase their understanding of ChangeMan ZMF's functions and processes.
  • Users such as Operations control, project leaders, development managers, .... interested in learning more about ChangeMan ZMF and its key concepts.

The available courses are organized in such a way that it's possible to select those courses that best fit the needs of each individual student. As an example, a release manager will most likely be interested in learning about all sorts of ChangeMan ZMF features related to configuring promotion and/or production areas to be managed by ChangeMan ZMF, but probably doesn't really want to know about (e.g.) all sorts of ChangeMan ZMF housekeeping activities (which is typically something only a ChangeMan ZMF Administrator needs to know about).

For more details about any of the available courses, checkout the list of training courses below.