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Outdated LTPs, DSNs, entities, ... in appl admin

ChangeMan ZMF 's application administration facilities are yet another amazing, extremely powerful feature. It's flexibility is one of those things what makes it so much fun for a ChangeMan ZMF admin to be working in the ChangeMan ZMF sphere. You can add library types as much as you want, and extremely fast. Same for designing and implementing a library structure (DSNs related to promotion, baselines and production). Or connecting various ChangeMan ZMF functions (like approve, promote, etc) to selected entities in your security system. Etc, Etc. You can even automate many of those things with the XML services available in ChangeMan ZMF.


Outdated user options (or invalid user option values)

User options is one of those great ChangeMan ZMF features (in the product since the beginning), which typically allows any ChangeMan ZMF administrators to fine-tune any staging procedure (which is like a checkin of a source component that needs to be compiled by ChangeMan ZMF also). The actual procedures to compiling components (or variations of compilations) is typically something that differs from any ChangeMan ZMF customer to any other ChangeMan ZMF customers (everybody has their own unique needs and requirements).


Verify and allocate promo, baseline and prod DSNs in appl admin

It takes quite some effort to ensure (verify) that for each ChangeMan ZMF application all DSNs defined as promo-, prod- or baseline DSN are allocated (with the appropriate LRECL, etc), and if not get them allocated. Not doing so will cause promotion and/or installation jobs to run into JCL errors (DSN not found) or system abends (because of invalid DCBs). Wouldn't it be great if you could automate this labor intensive task and reduce/simplify the required effort to just migrating a (special) change package which, on the fly, verifies and allocates all appropriate DSNs?


Use custom ISPF tables in CMN/ZMF's FTINCL

Despite the dozens (if not hundreds) of admin parameters that can be defined in ChangeMan ZMF admin (global admin or application admin), mostly every ChangeMan ZMF customer always needs more of such variables. They are typically needed to specify system DSNs, subsystem IDs, region identifiers, etc. Hardcoding all appropriate values in ISPF skeletons is an option to consider, but it is a real pain to maintain such skeletons. Similar to what can be done via ChangeMan ZMF admin for DSNs related to DB2 or IMS processing, a more elegant solution is needed ...



Tools to simplify CMN/ZMF's global and application administration

Dr Chgman's CmnAdmin solutions for ChangeMan ZMF administrationREAD MORE

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