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Z-Consults Categories

Dr. Chgman's Z-Consults categoriesAll items (topics) available within the Z-Consults area, are classified by category, i.e.:



ChangeMan ZMF expertise on demand ...

Dr Chgman's Z-Consults services for ChangeMan ZMFZ-Consults is a wide range of ChangeMan ZMF related consulting services. These services are provided by experienced ChangeMan ZMF consultants, and typically relate to any of these types of services:

  • Support services related to the Z-Factory or Z-Wiki.
  • Consulting services to enhance existing ChangeMan ZMF implementations in areas such as performance enhancements, integrity corrections and resource usage reductions.
  • Consulting services related to either Z-Reports On Demand or Z-Apps On Demand.
  • Upgrading to a new ChangeMan ZMF release.
  • Setting up and/or running an ITIL compliant ChangeMan ZMF helpdesk

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