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Enable user defined edit macros in CMN/ZMF

Document what it takes to enable your own set of edit macros to be invoked when using edit in staging, together with some typical use-cases for it (i.e. to launch non-standard ISPF editor session, also called exotic editors).


Use ASZ$$VAR in any CMN/ZMF submitted job

ChangeMan ZMF uses the CMN$$VAR skeleton to set various skeleton variables used within staging jobs (only). This solution introduces a similar skeleton, ASZ$$VAR, which can be used (embedded) in any phase in the ChangeMan ZMF lifecyle for which a job is submitted.



Dr Chgman's Z-RecipesSometimes you can achieve amazing results in using vanilla features, simply by using these features in a special way (that the ChangeMan ZMF developers may not even have thought about when designing / developing ChangeMan ZMF).

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