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Clone components via stage from development (S1)

Nobody ever starts developing a new program (component) from scratch, typically everybody always starts from a copy of an existing component. Just performing a checkout from baseline is not a solution, because you cannot change the member name, the library type or the application you are checking out from).

To take this even a step further: the (existing) component to be cloned may or may not have the same library type, and typically resides in either of these libraries: 

  • In a staging library of the same package or another package.
  • In a baseline library of the same application or another application.

So how can you do this cloning in ChangeMan ZMF?


Temporarily disable FRZ, REV and APR

Sometimes a certain group of ChangeMan ZMF users (like ChangeMan ZMF admins, release managers, …) need to perform a special operation (usually planned, though sometimes unplanned). To do so, it may be that during such operations certain ChangeMan ZMF operations (e.g.: package freeze, package approve, revert to DEV, etc) cannot be used by any ChangeMan ZMF user. Shutting down ChangeMan ZMF entirely obviously is an option. But what about those situations where just shutting down the entire ChangeMan ZMF system (for a few hours or so in the middle of the day?) is not an option?


Add ILODs to like SRC SCRATCHes

When you enter a scratch request of a like source, ChangeMan ZMF may or may not add one or more additional scratch requests to the package automatically.



CMN/ZMF life cycle extensions providing additional CMN/ZMF functionality

Dr Chgman's Cmn2Go for ChangeMan ZMFREAD MORE

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